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This website will have the odd chat.

Here at Creative HQ we researched the word ‘blog’, then popped on our thinking caps and came up, with chats instead. After all, on the blog still feels somewhat menstrual and these will be weekly rather than monthly. Weirdly some weeks they may involve blood, but head to our research section on horror-comedy if that’s your thing. Look, you don’t need a PhD to make the connection from Creative HATS to CHATS. It sounds friendlier than Blogs. So be it. But first…

This week’s blog, I mean chat will be about blogs, I mean chats, no I definitely mean blogs. This week’s chat will revolve around blogging. Then we can put that to bed and crack on with chatting. This website content made no promises to refer from idioms, even though our courses will teach you otherwise. Do as we don’t and all…

Why are you still reading?

Here goes, blogs are a shortened version of the term Weblog which was coined by Jorn Barger back in December 1997 when he was gazing at his Christmas Yule Log and a glittery red apple bauble fell on to his head from his tree. This went on to inspire Weblog or my name isn’t Joe Blog. My name is not Joe Blog and here at Creative HQ we have no idea if Jorn celebrates Christmas or not, let alone whether he has glittery red apple baubles. However, Wikipedia tells us Jorn first used the term on December 17th and a quick google search shows somewhere we can purchase the festive delight that is an apple bauble. (We make no money from the sale of said goods, but should you wish to thank your tutors with one, go for it! They are quite cute!) We digress but Christmas can and often should have that effect. Creative lesson number one: You should refrain from using the word ‘should’ – That’s a freebie!

Weblog wasn’t shortened for another two whole years and that occurred in April or May but minus the Christmas lights and tinsel. So of course the exact date was lost to the masses.

Early blogs tended to be, ‘manually updated components of common Websites’. Which basically means they were only of interest to geeky computer nerds rather than the rest of the population of geeky human nerds. If you aren’t geeky or nerdy in some way, well that should be unfathomable, so we shan’t continue. No one said we couldn’t ‘shan’t’ our way through to the end of this blog, I mean chat. Goodness, whoever invented blogs should be shot. ‘Shan’t be shot’ doesn’t have the same ring, or meaning for that matter. You didn’t really come here to learn did you? This is a ‘chat’ not a ‘blog’ – you were warned! Though, if you were paying attention you would know who to shoot for having to put up with reading this blog. It isn’t a blog … keep up!

So chats aren’t blogs and blogs aren’t logs and Creative Hats do not sell Hats but we do unashamedly play when we write and help you do the same, albeit without ‘adverbs’ (in-joke!) Interested?

Subscribe and dip back in or better yet chat some nonsense back at us in the comments below. What have you got to lose? Except some of your time, which is a valuable asset, if the comments stay quiet, we get it.

Have a creative week, TTFN.

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