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We’ve met Martin Impey!

Guest Post by Tina Cooper No, I’d not heard of him either but I should have as his books are on sale in the shop at work. I knew I’d seen them somewhere.  You may have heard of Where The Poppies Now Grow written by Hilary Robinson and illustrated by… Can you guess?… That’s right, […]

Open Mic Night

Open mic: My first experience by Paul Clark When I heard about this local event in the Rugby theatre bar on a Sunday evening I thought, “What a great way to make a few local contacts and perform my poems”. As much as I enjoy reading poetry, live poetry seems to add that extra level […]

An Introduction to Comic Script Writing

Writing for comics can be both freeing and terrifying. Few industries have as loose style and formatting guides as comics scripts; from the novelistic scripts of Alan Moore, the cinematic scripts of Matt Fraction and Jennifer Guzeman, Erica Shultz’s use of reference images, Neil Gaiman’s conversational letters to the artists, and to Stan Lee’s Marvel […]

Introduction to Writing Audio Dramas

In recent years audio dramas have had a massive resurgence with the boom in podcasting. However, writing for audio as a skill is largely untaught. This course teaches you how to take full advantage of sound effects and atmosphere to tell your story. It breaks down the different methods of writing for audio, and champions […]

Introduction to Writing for VR

Virtual reality filmmaking and storytelling is an exciting new arena for creative writers. One which is largely still being explored and whose visual grammar has yet to fully be defined. Our latest course looks at the most interesting narratives and experiences in VR and how they were written. It will break down various methods of […]

This week’s chat …

One of our classes looks through the history of stories, writing, words, letters and printed literature. The notion that we stand on the shoulders of giants has always been a fascination but can also feel overwhelming. Try as hard as you might, it can feel impossible to create something new or original. You look back […]

This week’s chat …

It’s been a great week. We began recording re-cap lessons on our YouTube channel for the current cohort of community and college learners. They aren’t planned, edited lessons – instead, a kind of, ‘powerpoint-walk-through-morning-after- the-night-before’. The plan is to help staff feel comfortable on camera to segue into creative content for new courses which roll […]


This website will have the odd chat. Here at Creative HQ we researched the word ‘blog’, then popped on our thinking caps and came up, with chats instead. After all, on the blog still feels somewhat menstrual and these will be weekly rather than monthly. Weirdly some weeks they may involve blood, but head to […]

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