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Creative Hat – Kelly

Send me a message – kelly@creativehats.co.uk

Kelly has taught a variety of classes and learners in schools, higher education, university, and the leisure sector for almost 20 years.

She has earned her living writing creatively in both her own, corporate, and independent businesses for the best part of her working life.

Five years ago, Kelly decided that the energy she was wasting convincing herself she didn’t want to be ‘a novel writer’ could be better spent using the craft she studied as an undergrad and begin writing! Since this epiphany she has gained distinctions in postgraduate studies of creative writing and pedagogy and now works as a
full-time writer, tutor and PhD researcher.

All while attempting to source the secret alchemy behind balancing horror with comedy for her latest novel: a murder spree which takes place during a 7th birthday party, where Mum believes the biggest fear is that, there aren’t enough sausage rolls to go round.