This week’s chat …

It’s been a great week.

We began recording re-cap lessons on our YouTube channel for the current cohort of community and college learners. They aren’t planned, edited lessons – instead, a kind of, ‘powerpoint-walk-through-morning-after- the-night-before’.

The plan is to help staff feel comfortable on camera to segue into creative content for more new courses which roll out next year.

We also partnered with Lanikco to include writers merchandise and unique gifts on our site over the next few weeks. Such an exciting collaboration. A separate post and page will follow in the days ahead.

We have two new book publications ready for release and began the first of our community writing classes in Letchworth. The business is steadily growing, alongside our Web presence and we can’t thank each of you enough.

But the highlight this week, if we had to pin it to one thing, would have to be the discovery that today is National FlufferNutter Day.

You heard correctly. Marshmallow and peanut butter in a sandwich 🥪 … together.

Enough said. TTFN

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