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Higher Education & Schools

We have several creative writing workshops running throughout Hertfordshire Schools, Colleges and Universities. Contact and find out how we can work together.

North Hertfordshire College

Creative Writing Beginners – This course, covers a broad range of topics from fiction and non-fiction, to writing for magazines and blogs. Helping you to identify personal writing goals and a way of working successfully towards achieving them.

Creative Writing Next Steps – This course continues on from our beginners course to further develop your writing skills by exploring a range of topics including character development, themes, language, life writing and more.

North Hertfordshire College – Stevenage Campus

The Brilliant Club Charity

Kelly Hatley also works as a scholars tutor for the Brilliant Club. The Brilliant Club works across the UK, supporting less advantaged students to access the most competitive universities, and to succeed when they get there.

The Problem

Right now, just 1 in 50 of the least advantaged students enter the most competitive universities, compared to 1 in 4 of the most advantaged. Disadvantaged students are therefore 18x more likely to miss out on life-changing higher education. This disadvantage doesn’t disappear when they enter university. Disadvantaged students are 3x more likely to miss out on a 1st or 2:1 grade at university. This affects an individual beyond their time at university and impacts society as a whole.


‘We are particularly pleased to report that 96% pupils submitted their final assignment. Of these 23 pupils, 17 (74%) received a 1st or 2.1, indicating that they are working well at a level above their current key stage; pupils should be very proud of their achievements.’

The Brilliant Club Impact Reporting

‘Hello Kelly … I just wanted to write and thank you for a really interesting and inspiring course. From the 5 senses on day one, which gave birth to Gabriel, to useful words and verbs on week 10, it was thoroughly enjoyable. It was a real challenge for me as I thought I would be the oldest in the class and feared I wouldn’t be able to hear you over the clatter of the keyboards. I decided after week 1 to set myself a goal, to write my short story and present it to you for scrutiny before week 10 and I achieved that. Bobby the magic bus was just a bonus !’

Andrew Bigsby North Hertfordshire Student