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What you’ll need to join

Ideally at least two hours of commitment per week, in addition to the scheduled workshops. Access to a word processing program. Basic English writing and speaking skills required. Access to internet outside of classes will help but is not essential.

What you’ll learn

Each course will explore practical techniques involved in the craft and production of published writing. There will be a one-hour taught lesson on the weekly subject area.

Weekly Subject Area

Week One: Planning your project timeline
Week Two: Marketing, social media, and authors platforms
Week Three: Expanding those writing muscles
Week Four: Kindle Direct Publishing
Week Five: Agents and publishers – with a guest speaker
Week Six: Book covers and desk top publishing tips for beginners
Week Seven: Audio Books, podcast
Week Eight: Promotions
Week Nine: Finance – with connections to a free additional in-person government approved course to assist
Week Ten: Author book tours
Week Eleven: Library workshops, gigs, and teaching considerations
Week Twelve: Celebrate your successes – yes this is actually a training session on how to ensure you do this and will help to ensure that you do not have future writer’s blocks

The Creative Writing Workshop

The workshop formats to our classes, create a safe environment to experiment, critique and create new writing. Each week we will carry out warm up exercises, critical reading discussions, creative workshopping and you will be provided with (non-compulsory) weekly writing prompts to encourage and expand your learning beyond the session.

The course objectives are to:
  • Identify writing goals and ways of working to achieve them
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Differentiate the elements required in storytelling and communicating
  • Identify the skills of creative writing and reading/watching to be read
  • Understand and produce writing to be read
  • Gain a practical understanding and examples of published writing
  • Write, write and write some more
How the course is assessed

No formal assessment. Observation, discussion, and tutor feedback.

Equipment/Materials required

Pen & paper or alternative notetaking tools and access to word processing and internet outside of class for some homework tasks.

What you can do next

Further guidance opportunities are available to all learners and will be advised of other courses that may be of interest to them.

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