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Open Mic Night

Open mic: My first experience by Paul Clark

When I heard about this local event in the Rugby theatre bar on a Sunday evening I thought, “What a great way to make a few local contacts and perform my poems”. As much as I enjoy reading poetry, live poetry seems to add that extra level of interest, watching reactions; sad, happy, funny etc.

What really surprised me was the lack of audience; it had been advertised for weeks!
So, for a few hours the seven people present, performed their pieces. A few people sung folk songs, while others read poems and prose which they hoped would bring comfort and amusement to their audience.

There were a number of pieces read by the authors present including a self penned piece about William Webb Ellis who “invented” Rugby then went on to become a vicar. Another entertaining piece was the vocal accompaniment to a puppet show, so funny even though sadly the puppets had been unable to attend.

We all took our turn and I read a number of my pieces which prompted a positive reaction.

I’m looking forward to the next one, not sure when it is…

The three takeaways would be:

  1. If you are going to rely on memory make sure you practise. One of the guys didn’t and thankfully the quality of the piece shone through in spite of the long pauses.
  2. Have several pieces earmarked and prepared so that while you listen to others you can gage how to contrast the mood for effect and match or compliment previous readings.
  3. Take a notebook, as there are some great ideas and stories which could inspire new work for yourself.

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